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Write a report on a topic related to the medical field

Course Project Report Requirements

·Write a report on a topic related to the medical field

· APA format: Paper must be three pages in length (not including title page); double-spaced; 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font; 1” margins.

o Title page

o 3 page report

o Reference page

· Resources: A minimum of three approved sources must be used to support your information. Wikipedia is not a valid site and should not be used. These sources must be used within the text of the report and included in the Reference page at the end of the report. Do not plagiarize.

Week 1: Selection of topic and approval (10 points) Examples of topic: procedures (biopsy, skin graft, mastectomy, cesarean delivery, etc.), diseases (multiple sclerosis, congestive heart failure, diabetes, etc.), specialties

Week 2: Report Outline (20 points) Reference “Writing a Research paper Tutorial”

Week 3: rough draft submission (70 points) Points earned once proof of and essay center feedback                 Rough draft submitted to, check similarities                 Rough Draft submitted to “Tutor: Essay Center,” reference “Essay Center Directions” Week 6: Final Draft due (200 points) Reference Course Project Grading Rubric

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