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Why is ethics important for health care?

Professor is looking for a perfect grammatically put together essay. Answer the question directly, using course material to support the answer. Second, that you work on building your opinion formed on strong rationale. In ethics, the stakes are high and complex, the issues are debatable. Hence, you need to work to build logical, rational arguments that are founded on more than opinion, that are founded on theory, legal guidelines, etc. Mostly, she is looking for you to critically think about the material, showing an understanding of complex issues.8.1: Compassionate

Ethics gives you the foundation to understand yourself and your patient better. It empowers you to protect and advocate for your patient. The practical application of ethics can be exhausting for any medical care provider. Learning compassionate care and self-care is key to avoiding burn out. Please read the article and answer the journal questions on the next module page. Reflection (100 points)Please write a five-page paper addressing the following questions:

• How does your worldview influence your understanding of ethics?

• Why is ethics important for health care? (Reference at least two ethical theories discussed in this course and their relevance to health care.)

• What does it mean to be a patient advocate, and why is that important?

• In your own words, what is compassionate nursing?

• How can you avoid burnout as a medical practitioner related to emotional turmoil?

In what ways can you as a manager contribute to the management and execution of your organizations strategy?