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Personal leadership development plan

The challenges you have examined in this course provide opportunities to be reflective, innovative, and strategic, and for you to position yourself as a leader in health care. As the health care industry continues to evolve, you will need to grow and transform. Your ongoing professional development requires deliberate attention and planning.To prepare for this assignment, review the results of your emotional intelligence (EI) test and your leadership quiz from Unit 10. Using the results of each and the insights you have gained from this course, you will complete your personal leadership development plan. By the date provided by the Instructor, submit a 3- or 4-page document and use the following to guide the creation of your personal leadership development plan:

• Explain your communication and leadership styles

• Identify your EI and leadership strengths and weaknesses and how you can leverage each to be successful

• Discuss 2-3 areas where you could develop and improve EI and leadership skills

• Describe at least two SMART goals related to your education and/or career that you will commit to achieving within the next 3-5 years

• Describe any challenges you will need to address to be successful in meeting your goals and improving as an administrator

• Describe several concrete actions you can take to facilitate the achievement of each goal you have identifiedThis is a dynamic document that you can refer back to throughout your career and update as your goals change and milestones are achieved.

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