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Latest Top-Notch Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper is one of the most challenging aspects of being a student. You’ll have to write several papers of this kind through your last high school and college years. There may be a choice of topics for some classes. While some allow students to select their research paper subjects, others specify a specific framework.

Examples of common research paper formats include:

  • Academic Research Papers in Controversy
  • Argumentative Research Papers
  • Papers of academic research
  • Analytical Research Articles
  • Research Documents of Information

The subject of your research paper must be connected to your course. For instance, a business research paper might be required for an economics course, whereas a psychology research paper would be needed for a course on human behavior.

Your paper’s requirements will vary whether you are a high school, college, or graduate student. While you might be able to pick a simple topic for a high school assignment and cite five or six Google or Yahoo! results, college term papers call for deeper study from scholarly literature and peer-reviewed journals.

Do you require help coming up with a topic? Common research paper subjects include abortion, contraception, child abuse, gun control, history, social media, artificial intelligence, global warming, and health, science, and technology.

This page has hundreds of top-notch research paper topics in various disciplines. Each topic can serve as the basis for your paper or as a springboard for creating your own.

Methods for Choosing a Research Paper Topic

Choosing an exciting topic is the first step in producing a captivating research paper

Finding a topic might be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. How to Choose the Best Research Paper Topic

There are a few important aspects to take into account before starting your project if your course gives you the option of selecting the topic for your term paper:

Your Level of Interest

Research papers take a lot of time to complete. You will need to spend a lot of time researching the topic and associated topics, gathering a variety of primary and secondary sources, and putting everything together into a logical report that meets your objectives. If you don’t pick a subject you are passionate about, the process will be considerably more difficult, and the results could suffer.

Your Experience Level

Interest in a subject is great, but knowing anything about it is even better. Let’s say you find a subject you have prior knowledge of from your personal or professional experience. In this case, it will greatly reduce the amount of research necessary and streamline the entire process.

Available Information on the Subject

Choose an interesting and well-researched topic to undertake a thorough inquiry. A subject with numerous potential sources gives access to the depth of knowledge required to become an expert on it.

Your Audience

A subject that interests you might not interest your professor or the person evaluating your research report. Check the reader’s degree of interest before you start (s). Examine their viewpoint on the subject if you’re writing an argumentative or persuasive essay.

Your thesis statement might need to be revised while you undertake research on your subject to account for any new information you come across. This is perfectly acceptable; just have fun and follow the truth wherever it may take you. If the research process is not enjoyable, you might want to change your topic choice.

The research paper will take a lot of time to write; therefore, selecting a subject that will keep your interest throughout the assignment is critical. It is best to pick a topic that is pertinent to your life because you will spend a lot of time studying and writing about it. Maybe you’re thinking about going into business for yourself or running for office. Look over the suggested research paper topics and quickly pick the one you can relate to. Finding a subject that particularly interests you can simplify the difficult procedure, and the project will turn out better due to your involvement.

We created a thorough list of topics that will provide excellent research papers. The topics are organized, so choosing one that will work for your project is simple. There are general issues at the top, followed by more focused ones. As you get ready to write your paper, the way we’ve organized the research paper topics will save you a ton of time.

The categories under which our themes fall include education, environmental sciences, communication and languages, current events, politics, business, criminal justice, art, psychology, and economics. Choose the most appealing category and then look through the topics listed there. You will be on the right track to producing a top-notch research report.

Check out more suggestions for argumentative, policy, and persuasive speech topics. Additionally, we offer essay templates and example outlines.

Best research paper topics on abortion

  • What constraints are you responsible for?
  • What restrictions are appropriate?
  • How to strike a compromise between the right to protest and the defense of abortionists, expectant mothers, and facilities
  • partial abortion during pregnancy
  • scientific proof versus the definition of viability
  • Stem cell studies
  • violence causes harm to fetuses

Research paper topics on discrimination, race, gender and women

  • Despite still having major inequities, relative equality has been achieved.
  • Can racial equality in the workforce, classroom, and military be achieved without Affirmative Action laws?
  • Contrarily discriminating
  • National Women’s Education Organization
  • Justice for parents who spend twice as much for their children’s education vs. no government assistance
  • Church-state separation against religion’s positive impact on society
  • placement based on academic ability versus placement based on age
  • integrating disabled students rather than providing them with special classrooms to meet their needs
  • Standardized exams rather than just course prerequisites are needed for promotion.
  • Local education control versus national standardized testing
  • Discrimination in education
  • Contrasting traditional basics with multicultural/bilingual schooling
  • Competency tests for teachers as opposed to only degree requirements
  • Teachers’ needs and demands in comparison to teaching as a service profession
  • examining schools
  • Violence in schools is both the school’s and parents’ responsibilities
  • drug abuse, pregnancy, and suicide
  • There is no room for violence against tenacity and flexibility.
  • Permit physical repression
  • Exams frequently only serve to assess a person’s aptitude for taking exams. Should testing be banned in favor of a different type of evaluation?
  • Is it appropriate for American high school students to follow the British example of taking a “gap year” between high school and college?
  • Less than 10 percent of students receive As in several European schools. In the United States, is there grade inflation? Why are there so many “As” in Americans?
  • resources and instruction
  • increase in grade
  • The No Child Left Behind Act: Is it working?
  • home education
  • standard testing

Research paper topics related to the Internet

  • Are children who use the Internet smarter (or more sociable)?
  • Should internet content be subject to federal government restrictions?
  • How has the music industry been affected by the Internet and digital downloading?
  • In what ways do search engines work?

Research paper topics about Drugstores, healthcare, and medical treatments

  • What effects on the human body does long-term steroid use have?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using medical cannabis?
  • What effects does smoking have on a person’s body?
  • Do the benefits of immunization outweigh the risks?
  • The most typical sleep disorders: how are they handled?
  • What are the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure and artificial tanning?
  • Should thin individuals be expected to foot the bill for obese people’s medical expenses and Medicare coverage? Should premiums for obese people be higher?
  • Low fat versus low carbs
  • Strength training has advantages over aerobic exercise.
  • How much exercise must be done each week to provide long-term health benefits?
  • There is too much information on health websites.
  • Psychological problems include eating disorders, autism, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, ADD, and Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Is it too much to blame fast food establishments for obesity? When is it appropriate to demand personal accountability, and when is it acceptable to place blame?
  • Should businesses allow employees to work out while they’re at work?
  • Do food producers’ use of steroids, antibiotics, and sprays make humans sick?
  • substitute medical care
  • Alzheimer’s condition
  • Anorexia
  • causes of eating disorders and how women are portrayed in society
  • How common are eating disorders?
  • Down syndrome is a condition.
  • Autism
  • birth control
  • Bulimia
  • Depression
  • dietary supplements
  • Dyslexia
  • Health and exercise
  • diet trends
  • Quick food
  • cardiac illness
  • artificial insemination
  • Obesity
  • Hyperactivity disorder
  • Investigate the causes and validity of ADD and ADHD.
  • wholesome foods
  • Medications on prescription
  • Smoking
  • Vegetarianism
  • Having trouble learning
  • Schizophrenia
  • Recovery from coma: methods, results, and creative ideas
  • What are the most typical cancer types, and how are they connected?
  • Find out how effective complementary and natural cancer treatments are.
  • Is Alzheimer’s a foregone conclusion? Examine the theories for preventing it.
  • What types of aging-related physical deterioration exist?
  • Examine the connections between mental well-being and physical health and provide proof of these connections.
  • Examine discrepancies in injury recovery and sickness recovery rates based on cultural factors.
  • Investigate the origins of deadly viruses by looking at the recent history of viral outbreaks.
  • Think about the differences between congenital heart disease and other forms and how they can be treated.
  • Is it too quick for society to classify occasional depression as a disorder, or is it, to some part, a normal state?
  • Determine the causes, typical patterns, and treatment options for sociopathy, including its biological and psychological roots.
  • What characteristics apply to compulsive behaviors? Consider OCD, anal retention and expulsion, and other occurrences as acceptable standards.
  • Analyze the nature of codependency as a pathological extreme and a typical interpersonal condition.
  • Examine the history and use of electroshock to learn how and why this harsh treatment became so popular.
  • Hoarding: the signs, causes, effects, and types
  • Limiting the use of expensive and uncommon treatments against trying everything
  • Alternative medicine against traditional medicine: Which should be used? Does insurance cover alternative treatments?
  • Government funding for alternative medicine research?
  • The benefit of alternative medical therapies for health?
  • Assisted suicide versus saving lives
  • Mandatory government insurance
  • Should the states maintain a national database to track restricted chemicals (like OXYCODONE)?
  • Should parents forgo immunizing their children?

Research paper questions related to communication

  • The breakdown of communication resulting from technology
  • The impact of social networks on the Internet
  • The impact of mobile phones and texting
  • Why is it crucial to understand how men and women use body language to communicate differently (in dating, the workplace, and social settings)?
  • limits on media marketing and advertising
  • promotion of youth
  • Advertising that makes sexual hints
  • trends in global marketing
  • Should alcohol, tobacco, prescription medicine, and other marketing be banned for health, morality, and annoyance?
  • Advertisements and children’s programming
  • Most divisive political advertisements
  • Media coverage of political ads and public outcry
  • The connection between political advertising and campaign donations

Research paper topics on politics

  • The separation of church and state rule
  • Selection of judges for the Supreme Court and their makeup
  • Congress’s opposition to and filibusters of presidential nominations
  • terrorism protection versus a loss of civil freedoms
  • Most developed nations offer free healthcare to all citizens. Why doesn’t the world’s richest country possess it?
  • tax cuts to boost the economy
  • The state needs as opposed to personal needs
  • Deficit expenditures and budget shortfalls

Discrimination research paper topics

  • Protection of victims vs freedom of speech and accused persons’ rights
  • How to improve racial relationships
  • Profiling
  • Contrarily discriminating
  • Men still receive $1 for every $0.75 a woman makes. Explain why
  • Discrimination in education
  • An analysis of the difficulties facing contemporary businesses due to workplace discrimination
  • gender inequality
  • inter-racial union

Research topics to write about schools

  • Should the government impose restrictions on the food options available in school cafeterias?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of wearing uniforms to school
  • Do kids learn better in schools with all boys or all girls?
  • Charter colleges
  • Prayer in classrooms

Research paper topics on HIV/AIDS

  • Individual freedoms vs. collective security (or campus safety)
  • US obligation to provide funding for research in developing nations
  • Production of generic drugs vs. American pharmaceutical companies
  • How contagious diseases “jump” from hosts in animals to humans
  • What forms of care are available for HIV, and how effective are they?
  • AIDS-positive child’s right to privacy versus other kids’ safety

Research topics related to alcohol

  • Limits for campus safety versus individual liberty
  • consequences of crime and violence
  • issues with binge drinking
  • Should the drinking age in the US be lowered to 18?
  • Community safety versus conditional leniency
  • License suspension against the ability to go to job and school
  • Violators’ discrimination based on age

Research paper topics about animals

  • Comparing animal welfare and medical research
  • Should animal use in entertainment and sports be outlawed?
  • between commercial farming versus humane care of animals
  • Animal welfare in slaughterhouses
  • Economic and employment concerns versus animal welfare

Research paper topics on athletes and athletics

  • Academic rigor in relation to school reputation
  • Should shoe companies be allowed to provide high school athletes free gear and shoes?
  • Should collegiate athletes get paid?
  • Cheating in sports
  • What effects does parental sports pressure have on kids?
  • Must anabolic steroids be made legal?
  • Has Title IX aided female athletes? Has it affected men’s sports?
  • Team sports’ social effects


Censorship research paper questions and topics

  • Is curriculum and library censorship required in schools?
  • Necessary in the entertainment industry?
  • Coveted on the Internet?
  • Should parents limit students’ access to school-issued books and other materials?
  • Parental control internet filters. Does a ban encourage curiosity and the use of pornographic media?
  • How are websites censored both in China and around the world?
  • How has censorship changed over the years in the United States?
  • Democratic kingmaker and political influencer Bill Clinton

Research paper topics on computer Crime and Security

  • Online porn is detrimental to free expression
  • Stalking and privacy invasion vs. reasonable access
  • Viable solutions for hacking offenses?
  • What are the most modern techniques for stealing identities and money?
  • Where does spam email come from, and is it possible to stop it?
  • How do computer viruses spread, and what effects do they have on computers?
  • Internet protection
  • In light of the ongoing arms race between hackers and growing technology, is it still viable to safeguard online commerce?

Research paper topics concerning Copyright

  • Does downloading media—including music, movies, and software—violate the rights of those who make it and put a strain on their livelihoods?
  • Should content creators who suspect students or others illegally downloading protected works face legal action?
  • programs like Pandora and Spotify
  • Copyright Laws

Research topics on cosmetic surgery

  • Surgery age limits
  • surgery dependence
  • society’s demand for aesthetics
  • Teenage girls’ breast implants’ hazards
  • The cost of cosmetic surgery
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Weight loss surgery
  • a body image
  • Are doctors “scissor-happy,” and how many procedures are unnecessary?

Research paper topics about bullying

  • Unfavorable emails, instant messages, and texts
  • Is online bullying just as detrimental as physical bullying?
  • Punishment types for cyberbullying
  • media coverage
  • Should bullying laws be passed at the state or federal levels?

Controversial Research paper topics to write about

  • Is homosexuality a choice, or are some people just that way from birth?
  • Creationism is opposed to evolution
  • Should the phrase “under God” still be a part of the Pledge of Allegiance?
  • Is healthcare a privilege or a right?
  • Rules regarding transgender bathrooms
  • Socialism against capitalism
  • Should parents have the right to strike their kids?
  • Should federal funding be withheld from sanctuary cities?
  • Both pro and con arguments against gun control
  • Should drone strikes by the United States continue in other nations?
  • Was it justified for the United States to invade Iraq?
  • Solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Animal testing’s advantages and disadvantages
  • Are athletes allowed to take a seat during the national anthem?

Legal Justice research paper topics

  • The criminal justice system and incarceration rates in the United States
  • Minority demographics and police violence
  • Do police personnel need to wear body cameras?
  • In what circumstances should the death penalty be tolerated?
  • Should drunk driving offenses carry higher penalties?
  • Should those who text and drive be put under arrest?
  • White-collar crime, penalties, and consequences
  • Criminalizing protests and activism
  • An increase in false convictions
  • Date Rape Consent to the rape versus exploitation
  • Institutions that follow the “no touch” rule
  • Drugs related to the date, violent rape, and rape daycare
  • Government funding as opposed to parental support
  • Comparing favorable and adverse effects

Research topics about Donald J. Trump

  • Trump’s unconventional run for the presidency
  • Donald Trump’s mental state.
  • Who is to blame for Trump’s ascendance to power?
  • Christians and Donald Trump voters.
  • Donald Trump as a businessman.
  • Attacks by Trump on the media (aka “fake news”)
  • Potential conflicts of interest and the Trump Organization
  • Border security measures and immigration laws
  • Climate change and global warming policy
  • Russia and Trump conspired
  • The Resistance’s quick expansion
  • The president’s legislative agenda covers taxation, deregulation, and health care
  • Donald Trump’s “America First” trade and foreign policy
  • Defending or opposing Trump’s presidency

Research paper topics on drugs

  • Punishment versus treatment
  • family reactions
  • public acceptance
  • Legalization vs. societal safety
  • What part does the American military play in the drug trade in Colombia?
  • Legalization of drugs
  • Are abstinence programs successful?
  • Should the federal government legalize marijuana use?
  • Cocaine
  • ‘Nicotine’ is heroin
  • cheating in sports

Simple research paper topics to write about

  • What is the secret to true joy?
  • What is the root of America’s obesity epidemic?
  • Why it’s important to sleep?
  • Are plastic bottles really bad for you?
  • How to encourage people to recycle more?
  • How do 3D printers benefit everyone?
  • How do GPS systems on smartphones function?
  • How have oil spills affected the environment?
  • In contrast to nonverbal communication
  • How trustworthy are lie detectors?
  • In what ways do search engines work?
  • How did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates change the world’s landscape?
  • The benefits and cons of hitchhiking
  • The Mac versus the PC.
  • How do tornadoes develop?

Latest Environmental research paper topics

  • Water, air, and environmental contamination
  • endangered species
  • What are the dangers of climate change and global warming?
  • arctic forests
  • Acidic rain
  • supplementary energy
  • EVs and hybrid vehicles
  • Conservation
  • Deforestation
  • endangered species
  • greenhouse gas effects
  • Landfills
  • Marine debris
  • What preventive steps are being implemented, and what harm have oil leaks caused worldwide?
  • Pesticides
  • Structures’ long-term viability
  • Recycling initiatives
  • The cost of “green” initiatives
  • a windmill
  • Landfill problems
  • substitute fuels
  • Pollution
  • Managing radioactive waste
  • Smog
  • contaminated soil
  • What strategies are employed for wildlife conservation to protect endangered species?
  • A burdensome workload for businesses?
  • Oil drilling in the ANWR of Alaska (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)
  • Fuel usage and popularity of SUVs
  • Protection of wildlife versus developer rights
  • Weaker vs. stronger standards for clean air and water
  • What dangers come with scuba diving and deep-sea exploration?
  • Should coal use be subject to stricter environmental regulations than other fuels?
  • Is climate change untrue? Is it being overstated?
  • What level of noise is excessive? What can we do to stop it, if anything?

Research paper topics about domestic abuse

  • Rights of the accused vs those of the victims
  • Women who murder abusive partners versus the murder sentence
  • Domestic rape?
  • How to balance parental rights with kid safety
  • Killing their violent parents as children
  • Child abuse: what are the effective remedies?
  • A child abuser
  • Domestic abuse

Research paper topics related to farming

  • Organic farming opposes the widespread use of chemical sprays
  • How to best effectively protect the environment; conservation
  • Industrial vs. family farms
  • The cost of producing food

Foreign Affairs research topics

  • Interventionism?
  • Third-world debt and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund
  • Economic development vs. military help for third-world countries
  • violations of human rights
  • The United States and the European Union are rivals.
  • Suitability of the United Nations
  • Neocon influence on foreign policy
  • Influence of the Christian right on international affairs
  • State Department versus Pentagon
  • Developing the nation as a strategic goal
  • arm’s control
  • Obama’s National Counterterrorism Strategy
  • leadership of al-Qaeda
  • decrease in American military presence in the Middle East.

Fun research paper topics

  • Which is a better pet, cats or dogs?
  • Why I’m a huge fan of animal cloning: my pet can live forever.
  • My ideal existence is depicted on my social media profiles.
  • Which sport—football or baseball—is the national pastime of America?
  • Which coffee chain—Starbucks or Caribou—has the greatest brew?
  • What does your dog think of you?
  • Why ought millennials receive lower pay?
  • Why do people have so many oddly matched pairs of socks?
  • How to perfect writing research papers?
  • Why reading Tuesdays with Morrie can help you become smarter.
  • Lotteries and chance-based games
  • Easy way to make money without causing harm to society
  • Individual liberty versus society collapse
  • Are lotteries a fraud, or do they help with education?
  • Can casino patrons ever outperform the house statistically?

Research topics about the LGBTQ community

  • Should the Constitution be changed to permit marriage between gay and lesbian couples?
  • Privileges for adoption?
  • Do you require specific protections?
  • university campus reaction
  • Gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender
  • parental gay
  • LGBTQ pride
  • generational conflict
  • Instead of providing older people with government support, the elderly should contribute to the tax burden.
  • Social Security prospects
  • Discrimination at work
  • Reproduction
  • Workplace concerns
  • generational distinctions
  • Arms restraint
  • Security measures taken by the community and law enforcement oppose unrestricted gun rights
  • NRA 2nd Amendment (National Rifle Association)
  • Are states with concealed carry laws more or less likely to have crimes?
  • Crimes of Hate
  • Community safety vs. freedom of speech
  • Punishment inequities
  • persecution of unconventional lifestyles
  • Is Church Arson a Hate Crime?

Hazing research paper topics

  • Defense against hazing
  • Greek organizations and hazing customs
  • Rates of hazing-related fatalities and injuries in high schools

History research paper topics

  • What happened during the Salem witchcraft trials?
  • What impact did railroads and trains have on American culture?
  • What might have occurred during the 1947 UFO encounter at Roswell?
  • What Olympic events took place in classical Greece?
  • How did Cleopatra become the ruler of Egypt? What accomplishments did she make while she was in power?
  • What are the causes of the crisis in Darfur?
  • What was the women’s suffrage movement, and what changes did it bring about in America?
  • How were the Lincoln murder plan and execution carried out?
  • How did the Cold War tensions affect the rest of the world and the United States?
  • What became of the absconding Roanoke settlers?
  • What impact did Caesar have on Rome?
  • What social transformation did the Freedom Riders bring about?
  • What was the Bushido code and how did samurai warriors respond to it?
  • How did Joan of Arc change the course of history?
  • What dangers and challenges did Lewis and Clark face as they toured the Midwest?
  • What parallels and contrasts exist between the Great Depression and the Great Recession?
  • What was the Manhattan Project? What was its significance on the world stage?
  • For what reasons did Martin Luther criticize the Catholic Church?
  • What caused the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • What effects did Europe experience from the black plague?
  • How did Genghis Khan rule Iran?
  • What impact did journalists have on US Vietnam war efforts?
  • What is the connection between Count Dracula and Vlad the Impaler?
  • Which inventor, Thomas Edison or Leonardo da Vinci, was better?
  • How did African Americans contribute to the American Revolution?
  • How was India viewed by the British while they were in power?
  • What factors led to the confrontation between China and Tibet?
  • Examine how the Catholic Church became a political force when the Roman Empire fell.
  • Examine Dr. Eileen Powers’ idea of “force of nature” or her assertion that the Roman Empire collapsed chiefly due to a failure to comprehend that all governments are prone to change.
  • Look at and talk about the actual cooperation that took place when the barbarians conquered Rome.
  • Compare and contrast the ideas and methods of kingship in the West and the East.
  • Look into and outline the rise and fall of ALEXANDER THE GREAT’s empire, focusing the least attention on his leadership.
  • What effects did early international relations early trade have on connecting Eastern and Western cultures?
  • What impact did geographical isolation play in Japan’s transformation from a feudal to a modern state?
  • Examine Romanization’s benefits, difficulties, and influences on the Celtic peoples of ancient England.
  • Overview of British domination in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland! How were these justified in each instance, and what gave rise to decades of abortive uprisings?
  • Focusing primarily on the interactions between European nations, examine the effects of Guttenberg’s printing press over the first 30 years following its creation.
  • Identify and examine the moment when European politics and nationalist agendas merged with the Protestant Reformation.
  • However harshly he persecuted heretics in England, how did Henry VIII support the Protestant Reformation?
  • Discuss and trace papal authority’s political and military applications in the 14th and 15th centuries.
  • Examine Florence’s 13th–16th-century city-state and explain how and why it developed into a staunchly republican society.
  • Compare and contrast the English and French monarchies of the 18th and 19th centuries with the Czarism of Peter, Elizabeth, and Catherine.
  • Examine the enormous significance of Catholic Orthodoxy as the country’s main religion and its significance and influence in an empire with strong serfdom and low aristocracy.
  • What effects did Philip II’s theological convictions have on conflict and policy in 16th-century Europe?
  • Retrace the events that led to the French Revolution’s triggering of the Estates’ meeting in France at the close of the 18th century. Consider the relevant political and social mistakes.
  • What ultimately put an end to serfdom in Russia, and why did the Czars’ repeated attempts to do so fail?
  • Look into and write a report on how the industrial revolution and the railroad’s introduction in the 19th century changed England.
  • Compare and contrast how the industrial revolution affected urbanization in the United States and England.
  • What were the First World War’s root causes, and how may it have been avoided?
  • Examine the Cold War of the 20th century in the context of history. Are there any parallels between this conflict and other continuing conflicts between significant nations in earlier centuries?
  • Examine Roosevelt’s choices for carrying out the New Deal, starting with the closure of the banks. As an alternative, offer explanations for the actions or suggest different options.
  • Which architectural wonders can be seen at Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Empire’s capital?
  • What significance did the first moon landing have in terms of culture?

Research paper topics related to poverty

  • meals programs
  • Reforming welfare
  • government-sponsored addition
  • Urban limitations versus homeless people’s demands
  • Suitable solutions?

Immigration research paper topics

  • Limitations of reality versus readiness to help those in need
  • Diversity against English as the official language
  • Should immigrants living without legal status be given citizenship?
  • Access to governmental services and programs by illegal immigrants
  • Are there any workable methods for border patrol?
  • Taxation or employment of undocumented immigrants

Research topics about Eastern Europe

  • International Business
  • arm’s control
  • Democratization
  • “Awe and awe”
  • Emancipation vs. American occupation
  • Iraqi government versus US puppet state
  • Costs of Oil and Gas – Resource Management
  • Truthful independence
  • Combating terrorism
  • Either America wins the War, or it doesn’t. What criteria are used to evaluate success? Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

Family/Spouse research paper topics

  • entitlement to parental leave for both parents
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)
  • Bonding time

Military research paper topics

  • The policy of preventive action
  • specialized weapons
  • confidence in intelligence
  • Afghanistan: A Win or a Deadlock?
  • Should the United States have mandatory military service? Concerning who?
  • Natural catastrophes
  • government backing
  • Preparedness
  • emergency preparations for schools
  • Community alerting networks
  • Damage payments

Persuasive research paper topics

  • The public vote, not the Electoral College, should determine the winner of presidential elections in the United States.
  • Raising the minimum wage to give working families a “livable” wage is necessary.
  • Animal abusers ought to be subjected to more severe penalties.
  • School vouchers promote competition and result in better-quality schools.
  • To increase employment, lower the corporate tax rate.
  • Social Security privatization ought to be pursued.
  • Human torture should be outlawed in all situations.
  • Affirmative action is still required to guarantee racial and gender equality.
  • The gold standard for the US dollar should be reinstated.
  • It is necessary to outlaw assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Research paper topics on public safety

  • Police brutality in comparison to the threats they face
  • violence fueled by race?

Research topics on political profiling

  • Politicians’ private rights vs the public’s right to know
  • Amount spent on presidential campaigns in dollars
  • opinions on controversial issues like gay marriage and abortion
  • Political disputes have lasted historically.
  • The presence of candidates from other parties in presidential debates
  • Religious freedom and the right to be free of restrictions (e.g., prayer in schools)
  • Political involvement by religion vs. cultural diversity
  • The impact of the Christian Right on world affairs

Research topics about Population Growth

  • How committed are you? Causes? Suitable solutions?
  • Financing abortion as a means of birth control in underdeveloped nations?
  • What would happen if there was a global shortage of natural resources?

Research paper topics about Pornography

  • Limiting social deterioration versus promoting freedom of speech
  • Pornography: An Overview
  • exploitation of children

Research paper topics about Inmates and prisons

  • Building prisons versus using alternative punishment
  • penalties that are lessened for lesser crimes
  • Programs that divert prisoners into community service
  • How many people are imprisoned in America compared to other countries?

Research paper topics about prostitution

  • International and American laws on prostitution
  • What the benefits and drawbacks of legalizing prostitution are
  • Psychological impact on present and former prostitutes.
  • Sex trafficking and sexual enslavement

Research paper topics about privacy

  • Should unlawful wiretaps by the government be allowed?
  • What limitations, if any, need to be imposed on the paparazzi?
  • What is private medical information required? Who, if anyone, ought to have access to medical records?
  • Does the general public have a right to know about a prominent figure’s personal life?
  • Privacy regulations

Research paper topics on rape

  • Are harsher punishments correlated with lower conviction rates?
  • Consent versus exploitation in dating rape
  • Drugs: Rohypnol, ketamine, and GHB
  • Legalization of Adultery-Inducing Drugs
  • Recently, a 17-year-old man was given a 10-year prison term for having oral sex with a 15-year-old girl without her agreement. Are statutory rape laws discriminatory toward men and demeaning to women?
  • Friendship rape

Religion Research paper topics

  • Is there a single, authentic religion?
  • religious freedom
  • Give concrete explanations for why the Bible should be studied as literature aside from its religious significance.

Research paper topics about Ronald Reagan

  • Ronald Reagan’s political ascent from Hollywood to the White House
  • The Great Communicator describes how Ronald Reagan gained the hearts of the American people.
  • Ronald Reagan came within millimetres of passing away in 1981 due to a bullet wound received during an attempted assassination.
  • The first woman is appointed to the Supreme Court by Reagan.
  • PATCO’s demise and the collapse of labour unions.
  • Taxes that are lower and “Reaganomics.”
  • Iran-Contra scandal.
  • Reagan, Gorbachev, and the collapse of the Soviet Union all contributed to the end of the Cold War.
  • The closing scene involved Reagan’s lengthy farewell and his Alzheimer’s illness diagnosis.

Security Research paper topics

  • How has airport security changed since September 11, 2001, to become more strict?
  • Identity theft
  • Are we more secure now that the Department of Homeland Security exists?
  • Are there more effective ways to protect passenger safety than the government’s intrusive pat-downs and body scans?
  • Is arming pilots a smart move?
  • What duties fall under the purview of secret service personnel?

Research paper topics on Loans to students

  • Student loan fraud
  • how to keep debt from student loans
  • Paying off student loans

Sociology Research paper topics

  • The transportation of the future will involve autonomous cars.
  • Women’s rights movement’s contribution to breaking the glass ceiling
  • What do the elderly do for society’s welfare?
  • How are people with impairments viewed by society?
  • Presently occurring civil rights movement
  • Has our alienation from a society grown as a result of technology?
  • The role of religion in society
  • In today’s culture, are we doing better or worse than previous generations?
  • Cultural effects of popular music
  • Social and geographic segregation
  • The differences between living in an urban, suburban, or rural area
  • Should parents be allowed to have custom-made kids?
  • Should microchips be inserted into people to aid in tracking and security?
  • Will smartphones eventually be replaced by smartwatches?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of world citizenship

Research paper topics about taxation

  • The flat tax
  • Overly burdensome taxes versus helpful programs

Research paper topics about teen problems

  • Does texting cause juvenile illiteracy?
  • Teen eating disorders and their effects
  • iPads versus. Textbooks.
  • Do standardized tests improve adolescent students’ education?
  • Are violent video games contributing to juvenile delinquency?
  • Are young people still reading modern English literature important?
  • Should the HPV vaccine be mandated for teenage girls?
  • Do academics cheat on exams to ensure students pass?
  • Should teen consumers be allowed to be targeted by marketers?
  • How do persuade teenagers who smoke to give up?
  • The reasons behind and consequences of teen drug and alcohol abuse
  • Keeping teen pregnancy at bay.

Research paper topics about terrorism

  • World Trade Center and Pentagon explosions
  • September 11 2001
  • Al-Qaeda
  • Fight against terrorism
  • Afghanistan
  • Taliban
  • Bioterrorism
  • Has American policy encouraged the spread of terrorism rather than trying to stop it? Will things improve or deteriorate? Why and how?
  • Whenever is terrorism ever justified?
  • Who decides to carry out suicide bombings?
  • What specific details surround Osama bin Laden’s passing?
  • Has the Patriot Act stopped or stopped potential terrorist attacks in the US?

Research paper topics about technology

  • What impact does text messaging have on young people’s literacy?
  • How have mobile devices altered our culture?
  • Has there been a major loss of historical data due to the information age?

Unique research paper topics

  • Where did the music of hip-hop originate?
  • An ordinary day in the life of a monk
  • How do the brain store and access memories?
  • The way of life within an ant colony
  • Arguments for and against the existence of UFOs
  • Can virtual reality truly take the place of the real world?
  • Do dreams have hidden meanings or are they merely idle speculation?
  • Why do people collect the most bizarre things?
  • When is the right time to end an abusive relationship?
  • The practice of pretending to worry

Research paper topics about Veterans

  • public opinion regarding veterans
  • medical issues caused by military service
  • groups serving veterans
  • support from the government for veterans
  • What programs are available to aid veterans in reintegrating into society?
  • Are Iraq War veterans being defrauded of their medical benefits?

Research paper topics about mothers, women

  • The glass ceiling is real
  • What barriers face female candidates for political office?
  • Should women be pastors, rabbis, ministers, or priests?
  • What distinctions can be made between children raised by mothers who work and those who stay at home? Does today’s culture still treat working mothers who want flexible hours differently?
  • Should stay-at-home mothers receive a salary from the government?

What, Why, and How Research paper topics

  • How do GPS devices function?
  • Who was the first person to travel to the North Pole?
  • Who managed to escape Alcatraz?
  • What was it like to be a gladiator?
  • Exist effective ways to ward off insects?
  • How are armored clothing items created?
  • How did the skateboard come to be, and how has it changed through time?
  • What’s it like to live in a beehive?
  • Where did hip hop come from and who originated it?
  • What makes the platypus a unique and fascinating mammal?
  • What is a Buddhist monk’s typical day like?
  • How did gunpowder change warfare?
  • Canines and cats were domesticated, how, and why?
  • What information on ninjas do historians have?
  • Do people still develop?
  • What was the curse of the pharaohs?
  • Why was Socrates executed?
  • How did the world’s oldest mariners navigate?
  • What causes black holes to form?
  • How are submarines operated?
  • Do lie detector exams accurately assess whether assertions are true?
  • How does a hybrid car reduce its energy use?
  • What are the components of a hotdog?
  • What sort of hunter is a shark?
  • How does the human brain store and retrieve memories?
  • How can stealth technology shield airplanes from radar detection?
  • What precipitates tornadoes, and why?
  • How does the night vision function?
  • How do desert mirages impact tourists, and what causes them?
  • What are sinkholes and how do they form?
  • What are the most popular theories regarding the demise of the dinosaurs?

Research paper topics on Relationships

  • Should the laws be changed to make divorce more challenging?
  • divorce statistics
  • relational ties
  • household values
  • connections based on
  • Divorces and weddings
  • How family life affects a child’s growth?

Research paper topics about the work environment

  • How four generations might work together at work
  • fostering constructive workplace interactions
  • modern work environments
  • Executive management
  • Regulations for the workplace
  • Small business and taxes
  • Business law
  • Questions in modern human resources: Do businesses treat their employees with more pity or with greater accountability?
  • Globalization and cultural conflict: strategies for establishing a successful presence abroad
  • How do leaders have such a successful criminal hold over their companies?
  • Does the corporate obligation to identify stakeholders in private enterprises match that of initial public offerings?
  • A study of the difficulties facing contemporary firms due to employment discrimination
  • Create a new model of company leadership that includes elements of existing models and concepts.
  • Examine the actual effects of using social media to market your company.
  • Make a scenario where unethical commercial practices would be acceptable.

Media Research paper topics

  • Should reporters be required to reveal their sources?
  • Do print and electronic media sources provide reliable reporting? When do they start making news instead of just reporting it?
  • Is there racial bias in news coverage?
  • What steps go into the making of a movie or television show?
  • How has the pirate problem been handled by the movie and music industries?
  • media slant
  • ownership by media conglomerates
  • Minority journalists
  • images of women
  • televised productions based on real-life incidents
  • Talk shows
  • Violence on television
  • Media representations
  • sources of sensationalized media
  • Examine the obligations of pharmaceutical companies when they advertise their products in the media.

Science Research paper topics

  • Engineering and forensic science
  • What are genetic engineers’ current skills and long-term goals?
  • What challenges did researchers encounter when trying to break the sound barrier?
  • What is alchemy, and how has it been attempted to be practiced?
  • stem cell research

Energy Research paper topics

  • What technological solutions are available to help homeowners save energy?
  • Nuclear power
  • the use of renewable energy
  • Wind power: Is it so inexpensive? Is it productive? Is it practical?
  • What are the dangers and risks connected to nuclear power?

Psychology Research paper topics

  • What psychological value does Freud’s work still have in its current form?
  • Exist psychological and behavioral roots specific to gender unaffected by cultural factors? How much does gender influence how we think?
  • Is there any sexual orientation that is unaffected by social and cultural forces, and how much does culture influence sexual orientation?
  • Study the psychological mechanisms at play in group dynamics as they relate to the emergence of leaders and the tendency for others to follow.
  • This comparative examination examines the contrasts and similarities between Jung, Freud, and Adler.
  • What constitutes “normal” behavior, and how much does society influence this in psychology?
  • Investigate and assess the efficacy of radical and unconventional psychotherapies.
  • Examine the idea of human will as both a part of personal psychology and a distinct principle or feature.
  • How much does culture affect how one feels about oneself regarding eating disorders? Are only things from the outside to blame?
  • How do ancient ideas about madness and dementia compare to modern ideas about mental illness?
  • Does psychology have a scientific foundation that all theorists must follow, or is it essentially non-scientific in that any theory can be supported?
  • What can we learn about Euripides’ gender psychology from The Trojan Women and Medea?
  • Using three characters, examine Chaucer’s observations on human nature in The Canterbury Tales.
  • Determine the true nature of the relationship between Virgil and Dante in The Divine Comedy, focusing on Dante’s reliance on the poet.
  • Examine and discuss the English preoccupation with euphemism and complex narratives in the 16th century, starting with John Lyly.
  • Examine any existing Shakespeare authorship issues, citing reasons on both sides.
  • Consider the parallels and differences between Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, Marlowe’s Titus Andronicus, and Tamburlaine.
  • Defend Shakespeare’s claim that he is the “creator of the human race.”
  • How much of the Elizabethan era does Shakespeare’s work reflect? Identify at least three plays connected to particular cultural and governmental events.
  • Analyze A Winter’s Tale’s novel structure in relation to the shift from comedy to drama. Is this a fact? Does the transition improve or detract from the play?
  • Support the notion that Shakespeare represents himself as Prospero with proof or dispute the claim with evidence to the contrary.
  • Why did English Reformation drama feature a lot of violence? Marlowe, Kyd, Webster, and Shakespeare should be cited.
  • Spiritual, existential, or both? Analyze the metaphysical in Donne’s poetry.
  • What is the goal of Shelley’s Frankenstein? Use pertinent text from the text to bolster your argument.
  • Analyze and contrast the characters’ personalities in Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.
  • It is stated that Dickens’ success in his writings was hindered by his decision to use a sad, romantic storyline. Use Copperfield, Great Expectations, and Dombey and Son to support or refute this statement.
  • Analyze Dickens’ moralist stance in Hard Times and Bleak House to see how much he advocates for change and how he makes observations about the human condition.
  • Was the Harry Potter phenomenon a result of superior storytelling or of the time’s greater public acceptance and media exposure?

This article has listed the latest research paper topics you can use for your project. It has also listed various ways of choosing a topic and how to write a research paper. Reading this article will help you achieve academic excellence.

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