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Latest Essay Topics For Students

Developing an engaging idea is the initial stage of essay writing that takes time and effort. Many students get writer’s block and struggle to develop intriguing essay themes.

Most of the time, the topic is given by the teacher, making it simpler for the pupils. But on occasion, teachers will let students pick their subjects.

It’s challenging to identify a topic that seems more interesting than others. We have gathered more than 300 great essay topics suggestions for your use.

These essay topic ideas will enable you to impress your professor and raise your score.

How to Choose the Best Essay Topics

The topic of your essay is its most important element. Writing a strong paper will be challenging if your topic is weak.

The easiest subjects to write about are the greatest. Before selecting a topic for your essay, take your audience into account.

Choose a topic that is not extremely technical or specialized if your audience is uninitiated. Take your audience’s interests into account. What are they most interested in learning?

Best essay topics about Covid 19

  • COVID-19, the current pandemic
  • Family effects of the COVID-19 epidemic
  • Treatment for the coronavirus
  • What health effects does the coronavirus have on a person?
  • What changes was the coronavirus responsible for?
  • The negative side effects of Covid-19
  • The definitive manual on coronaviruses
  • Business and COVID-19
  • Which medications are efficient against the coronavirus?

Essay topics for a Range of Essay Types

The first step in writing an essay is choosing a topic.

You can think that professors choosing the topics is better. But it’s always good to have the freedom to think for yourself.

You can find some intriguing essay topics and ideas for different essay types to get you started.

Controversial topics for argumentative essays

  • Free education should be available to everybody.
  • Why is there a growth in obesity in America?
  • Students’ access to the Internet needs to be limited.
  • Measures to help young people keep their weight in check
  • College students require physical education.
  • Nutrition and physical fitness are related.
  • Is golf still a popular sport today?
  • Should the death penalty be used in every country?
  • Athletes should not be allowed to utilize steroids.
  • Is it crucial to give kids duties besides homework? Describe your viewpoint.

For more topics about argumentative essays, click here

Fun topics for argumentative essays

  • Why are you proud of your last name?
  • Why are clowns scary to you?
  • Is the body more significant than the mind?
  • Do you think it should be legal to consume drugs?
  • I agree that the experience has been serene.
  • Methods for losing the best buddy.
  • Obesity is being fueled by fast food in America.
  • stealing candy from a kid
  • Are the school’s rules reasonable?
  • Is the Common Core good for students?

Want more ideas for argumentative essays? For your convenience, we have compiled a thorough list of additional strong argumentative essay topics.

Topics for persuasive essays

  • The most recent exams do not demonstrate the student’s aptitude.
  • Restaurants shouldn’t serve soda to kids.
  • Women should be allowed to breastfeed in public.
  • The Internet was created to effect change.
  • Providing a wholesome diet for children should be the responsibility of the parents.
  • Churches must also pay taxes.
  • It is necessary to raise the legal drinking age.
  • Childhood is when sexual orientation is decided.
  • It is essential to legalize same-sex unions globally.
  • Prisons shouldn’t house illegal immigrants.

To develop a solid topic for your essay, look through our in-depth guide to persuasive essay topics.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Advertising has an impact on brand perception.
  • The ability to think is compromised by insomnia.
  • How can regular exercise reduce stress?
  • The reasons for and effects of poverty.
  • bullying’s effects on kids in schools
  • Uber’s effects on cab drivers
  • Internet’s impact on social program promotion: causes and effects
  • Why do marriages break up?
  • What elements support terrorism?
  • Developing children and playing professional sports.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Comparing middle school and college.
  • Students who work versus unemployed students.
  • Washington versus Lincoln
  • Pizza versus burger.
  • English versus math.
  • Movies as opposed to television shows.
  • An apple and an orange are compared.
  • Pepsi or Coke.
  • The sun or the moon.
  • A decision between nachos and popcorn.

Narrative essay topics

  • Memories of the first day of classes.
  • When you first got your puppy.
  • Which movie is your favorite, and why?
  • Recollections of the power outage day.
  • A theme park outing for the day.
  • Shared a painful event with a loved one.
  • The day when you were present for a momentous event.
  • A generous action.
  • When you become disoriented in a mall
  • Your worst birthday ever.

Expository Essay Topics

  • A social problem that significantly affected our culture.
  • Why do women stay in abusive relationships again and over again?
  • How often does gender discrimination takes occurring in the workplace?
  • How do people acquire racism without realizing it?
  • Which religion will your kids learn about?
  • What types of materials can be used to develop a sustainable structure?
  • Which sickness would you want to try to cure first if you could?
  • Which nation will you frequently travel to, and why?
  • What impact does popular music have on how we live?
  • Tobacco cultivation and distribution ought to be prohibited.

Essay Topics for Rhetorical Analysis

  • Wilson Rawls wrote the book Where the Red Fern Grows.
  • the Shirley Jackson book The Lottery.
  • Author Michael Punke is the author of the book “The Revenant.”
  • O’Henry was the author of “Witches Loaves.”
  • In Pride and Prejudice, there is a reference to Tintern Abbey.
  • Amy Poehler wrote the book “Yes, Please.”
  • Analyze the poem “Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Analysis of the phrase “Success Strategies.”
  • A Streetcar Named Desire, a drama.
  • sleeping outside or in a hotel.

The best way to create an interesting assignment is to choose one of our many topics for rhetorical analysis essays.

Analytical Essay Topics

  • Addictions of various kinds among students.
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms.
  • The importance of art instruction.
  • Describe why movies are preferable to books.
  • Advantages of having health insurance.
  • Music has health benefits.
  • How to deal with bias
  • Ways to stop bullying.
  • What do you think of as science?
  • How can one stop smoking?

Topics for Descriptive Essays

  • A picture.
  • A close companion.
  • A lavish apartment.
  • Your life’s most magnificent moment.
  • One day of work
  • A transformational encounter.
  • Last day of classes.
  • Your charm for luck
  • A reunion of alumni.
  • I love that song.

Our essay writers have compiled a thorough list of descriptive essay subjects for your benefit.

Informative Essays Topics

  • Change is taking place in the educational system.
  • Why climate change is a cause for concern
  • What number of planets are there?
  • consequences of global warming
  • Can exotic creatures be housed as pets?
  • The price of college textbooks.
  • How to lessen your stress?
  • The influence of modern art.
  • The interaction between alcohol and the nervous system.
  • Quick-service dining

You can pick from the list of interesting, informative essay topics to meet your needs.

Definition Essays Topics

  • What exactly is a dream?
  • Global warming: What is it?
  • Define true happiness.
  • What is love exactly?
  • How does climate change? How can this be avoided, then?
  • Pro-life and pro-choice are what?
  • What exactly are communism and capitalism?
  • What qualities define psychological wellness?
  • What is e-learning? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Define sportsmanship.

Problem-Solving Essays topics

  • How can bullying on social media be stopped?
  • How can one help someone who is depressed?
  • How can text messages affect connections with people in person?
  • What can be done to prevent sports injuries?
  • How can parents instruct their kids in time management?
  • How to handle dominant and cunning manipulators?
  • How can security at colleges and universities be improved?
  • How can fatalities brought on by drunk driving be avoided?
  • How can families who have a child with mental illness be helped?
  • How can school violence be curbed?

Topics for Personal Essays

  • The person you look up to most.
  • Do you rely on video games?
  • How did you pick up drawing?
  • What do you want to achieve in life?
  • What irritates you the most?
  • Why do I prefer internet shopping?
  • Your greatest success.
  • What does success mean to you personally?
  • What gets on your nerves the most?
  • Why is it so important to volunteer?

Topics for Proposal Essays

  • What methods could be used to lessen obesity?
  • How might young people be inspired to participate in extracurricular activities more frequently?
  • How ought grades be distributed?
  • How do you manage food supplies properly?
  • How can we prevent deserts from spreading?
  • How may the underemployment rate be decreased?
  • How can technological tools be used to protect the environment?
  • What actions are necessary to stop the next economic downturn?
  • How are kids to be disciplined?
  • consequences of unemployment

Topics for Evaluation Essays

  • Relating to Chelsea’s display.
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of secondary education in the US.
  • The history of music
  • Arts of the past and present: parallels and differences
  • Investigate the results of culture shock.
  • How well online advertising works.
  • What distinguishes the educational systems between America and Europe?
  • social media’s impact on interpersonal interactions
  • Traditional relationships versus online connections.
  • the main reasons behind homelessness

Process Analysis Essays topics

  • How should a blog be started?
  • How do you make your website?
  • How to plan the perfect birthday celebration?
  • How to effectively use social networking sites
  • How do you break up a poor relationship?
  • How to put together a book
  • How can one get paid online?
  • How can I start losing weight in 30 days?
  • For a summer internship, how do you apply?
  • How to find the perfect job

The best essay writing tip is to select a subject you are passionate about. Be sure to go through extra process analysis essay topics for inspiration if your interests are restricted.

Illustrations Essay topics

  • Describe the process you would use to choose a career choice.
  • What value does learning different languages have?
  • Is it possible that life exists on other planets? Explain.
  • What is the best way to rejuvenate a city?
  • Examine the non-profit organization’s employee handbook.
  • Give examples of the benefits of playing video games.
  • Describe the qualities of a genuine apology.
  • What motivates people to marry?
  • Describe how watching movies has changed your outlook on life.
  • Tell us about your best friend.

If you’re having difficulties coming up with a topic, look at these creative and engaging illustration essay ideas.

Exploratory essay topics

  • What benefits can you expect from internet dating?
  • Should cannabis be made legal?
  • How is it safe to use nuclear energy?
  • What role in society should a woman have?
  • How challenging is it to raise a child alone?
  • What consequences do young marriages have?
  • The cultural impact of reality television.
  • The viability of a distant relationship
  • Both advantages and disadvantages of globalization exist.
  • The Tsunami’s aftereffects.

Classification Essay Topics

  • Several forms of eating disorders.
  • a Facebook user types
  • Different types of video games
  • College students fall into a variety of groups.
  • Self-help techniques for depression and stress.
  • Different political structures exist.
  • Teaching techniques to secondary school students.
  • Exercises for weight loss that is simple to do
  • Home remedies for acne.
  • Many different phobias.

We believe you have a good essay topic. If not, take a look at our list of classification essay topics

Synthesis Essays topics

  • Is there ever a time when war is the only option?
  • Can you buy contentment with money?
  • Should one be required to vote?
  • Which is better, traditional education or homeschooling?
  • Why does racism exist?
  • Consequences of lowering the legal driving age
  • When is it too soon to date?
  • What elements fuel global warming?
  • Is the study of art necessary?
  • The role that mobile phones play in reducing crime.

We wish you luck in selecting the perfect essay topic. If a topic piques your interest, look into other synthesis essay topics.

Interesting Essay Topics for Students

The list of suggested essay topics for students is provided below.

  • Essay Matters for Young People
  • environmental damage
  • online usage
  • the value of friends
  • My preferred book is
  • Worldwide warming
  • your preferred fruit
  • the absence of a cell phone
  • aims in life
  • Why is a computer useful?
  • both science and mathematics

What are some fantastic essay topics for middle school?

Remember that the topic you choose for your essay will also affect your final mark. It can be difficult for middle school students to think of interesting essay subjects. We have included some thought-provoking essay topic recommendations for your convenience.

  • A variety of lawn-mowing methods.
  • Treatment options for sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • Techniques for kicking bad habits.
  • Essentials for organizing a spectacular celebration.
  • How to pick a good college roommate?
  • Are schools doing enough to stop bullying?
  • Exists climate change, and is it happening?
  • Describe the funniest thing that has ever happened to you.
  • Should we worry about losing?
  • Is the rise in obesity a result of fast food?

Essay Topics for High School Students

Finding an interesting subject for a high school essay can be challenging. Our experts have created a list of interesting themes for your advantage.

The following high school essay topics might help you develop your ideas.

  • Should the fashion industry change its marketing tactics?
  • Do beauty pageants have any advantages for women?
  • Should females get cosmetic treatments?
  • How did World War II start?
  • What does the term “fake news” mean?
  • Can long-term drug use harm the brain?
  • Can gun control laws help reduce crime?
  • Is the purpose of summer school to help students?
  • Techniques used by experts to acquire their dream jobs.
  • The approaches to combating violence at colleges.

Essay Topics for College Students

College professors demand more of their students. Therefore, developing ideas that can pique the teacher’s interest is essential but difficult. Here are some thought-provoking essay topic ideas for college students to help with essay writing.

  • The impact of modern media on eating disorders
  • Does technology make people become zombies?
  • Is it necessary to censor the Internet?
  • Is there a chance of another world war?
  • The subject that most appeals to a student should be their first option. Discuss.
  • What qualifications must one have to run for office?
  • The causes of the high unemployment rates.
  • Earthquake’s aftereffects.
  • Which countries have the highest corruption levels?
  • Should tobacco production and sales be subject to restrictions?

Academic Essay Topics

Professors set essays on a single broad topic for the term of any subject. It may be challenging for students to develop an essay topic due to the abundance of subtopics. The following list of essay topics is arranged by subject to help such students.

Explanatory Essay Topics

  • The development of language over time
  • Is it accurate to say that modern language has been ruined by texting?
  • How to research different languages
  • The workings of neurolinguistic programming.
  • Which method of communication is more efficient: verbal or physical?
  • Look into the numerous ways people communicate.
  • Benefits of learning a second language.
  • Describe the process of language learning.
  • Is learning a second language in high school necessary?
  • Why is English such a necessity?

Essay topics on social media

  • Influence of youth and social media.
  • What drawbacks do social networking sites have?
  • Should drivers be forbidden from texting while driving?
  • The impact of social media on young people’s lives.
  • How do parent-child interactions change as a result of social media?
  • Should students use social media in the classroom, such as Pinterest?
  • How should the problem of online bullying be handled?
  • What rules should students follow when posting content on social media?

Essay about Science and Technology Topics

  • How technology and the world economy are related
  • The benefits and drawbacks of technology.
  • The role that 3-D printing plays in the medical industry.
  • What can science provide for people with disabilities?
  • Identity theft and facial recognition technology.
  • Is it advantageous that our home appliances now have connectivity?
  • cloud computing and artificial intelligence
  • How has technology affected our lives?
  • life without technology
  • Technology has its own rules to follow.

Keep in mind that your essay’s success depends in large part on the topic you choose. It is essential for grabbing readers’ attention and piquing their interest.

You will get an A+ if you choose a compelling argument and back it up with the relevant debate. Alternatively, you can use our essay writing service to hire a qualified essay writer.

Hopefully, you were able to find several exciting topic ideas with the help of our online essay help.

We have provided suggestions for various academic levels, essay types, and subject areas. We have provided you with the best and most up-to-date topics for English essays as a service. Therefore, refer to the previous list of essay topics to develop ideas and create an interesting essay.