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Introduce an ethical dilemma with relevance to the profession of nursing

This paper provides an opportunity to take an ethically difficult situation that actually did (or could) take place in health care and walk through the steps toward a solution. Along the way, the student will analyze the elements of the dilemma, then select and apply the steps of an ethical decision-making framework.  Students will apply critical thinking, problem-solving, writing skills, and ethical principles in healthcare.

Instructions: Compose a five to six-page paper with the following sections:

Section I: Introduce an ethical dilemma with relevance to the profession of nursing.

Section II: Choose an ethical theory to resolve the dilemma. What is your rationale for your choice of the ethical theory? The ethical theory applied depends on the circumstances and events involved.

Section III: Ethical dilemmas should be handled with logic and facts. Use a decision-making model to evaluate the dilemma. Support the decision, why was it selected? Apply process to resolve the dilemma step-by-step.

Section IV: What is the relevance to the profession of nursing? Each Section must be a minimum of ½ page and a maximum of 1 full page. The paper should be a minimum of five and a maximum of six pages with the title page and reference page.

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