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Importance of data-driven approaches to public health management

The term big data refers to vast collections of information, both structured and unstructured, that can be mined from various sources. Three categories of big data are particularly relevant for healthcare: clinical data, health research, and business/organizational records.

For this assignment, you will write a 3-page APA style paper discussing the importance of data-driven approaches to public health management and the tools used to implement these approaches. Please address the following points: Why do we need a data-driven approach to manage the health of populations? Describe three tools for implementing a data-driven approach. What are those tools’ strengths and weaknesses? What areas of big data are most relevant to population health management? Your pon peaper must include: A title page and reference page formatted according to APA At least one citatir page. A minimum of three outside references A minimum of three pages of content formatted according to APA.

Evaluate the power the nursing organization gives the individual nurse to advocate for health policy