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How Does Nurse Practitioner Authority Vary?

1 – How Does Nurse Practitioner Authority Vary?

2- Full Practice Authority is Essential to Improve Health Care

3- A Comparison of Full Practice Authority &  Reduced/Restricted AuthorityP

Directions: Interview a nurse leader from a professional nursing organization to collect ideas for the project.  Each group will design a voice- narrated Powerpoint or Prezi  to create a presentation and provide an overview of a grassroots policy challenge (present or past) that the identified organization supports. The policy challenge can  be a local, state or federal policy issue. Create a title slide or page with the full names of each group member. Include a final slide or page with key references cited in APA 6th ed. format. powerpoint should be 12 slides not include the sources page

Authority is Essential to Improve Health Care Each presentation will need to include (but is not limited to): Brief description of the policy challenge the team has chosen and the nursing association that was identified. Describe the “Agenda” for the identified policy challenge. Include how the policy issue was identified, (Did the organization complete a review of the literature, an environmental scan and/or a SWOT analysis, etc.?) Brief description of key stakeholders (those who will be affected and those who can effect change),ie, interest groups, opposition groups/individuals or  coalitions. List the different strategies that the organization plans to or has already used to inform/lobby legislators, ie, e-mail campaign, in-person visit, testimony, protest, etc. List and describe any non-legislative strategies that were used or plan to be used to support the initiative. Describe where this policy challenge is in the legislative process and its implications for the future.