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Assignment: Health beliefs and customs

The goal of this assignment is to learn about the health beliefs and customs of at least one group with which you don’t identify. Your goal is cultural awareness – be aware of cultural differences that may affect patient care and consider these differences when working with patients to develop a mutually acceptable and beneficial treatment plan. Cultural competence also includes the ability of programs and organizations to meet the needs of culturally diverse patients. Steps Cultural Competence is defined in many ways.

Read the Definitions of Cultural Competence (Links to an external site.), available from The National Center for Cultural Competence, Georgetown University. Access the Cross Cultural Health Care Case Studies (Links to an external site.) on the website for Pediatric Pulmonary Centers.

Once there:

a. Complete the module “Core Concepts in Cultural Competence”. Complete all sections of the module including: Introduction, case/story, lecture, key concepts, learning activities, and quiz. Save the certificate of completion as you will submit it with your paper.

b. Complete one of the five case studies (Lanesha Johnson, Diane Mathis, Alejandro Flores, Rivka Cohen, or A Day in the Sleep Clinic). Complete all sections of the case study you select. Save the certificate of completion as you will submit it with your paper.

c.Write a 1.5 to 2 page summary of the case study and the relevance to cultural awareness and appropriate treatment plans.

Assignment: Consequences of behaviors that result from substance use