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Explain what drives individual’s behaviors

Please select five (5) of the questions below to compile the necessary information for the Director of Volunteer Services. Prior to your final submission to the director, please submit a rough draft for feedback.

1.Explain what drives individual’s behaviors. Examine the importance of this, as it relates to health service managers.

2.Discuss the 9 habits of the mind and explain why they are relevant for managers.

3.Identify and explain, at minimum, three of the most important leadership competencies for health service mangers.

4.Describe best practice management and effective leadership techniques, which will help improve performances among employees and/or organizations.

5.Explain the term governance and its functions in the healthcare setting. Evaluate the impact, if any, the Sarbanes-Oxley Law has on governance.

6.Define strategic planning and explain the five steps that it encompasses, which will assist a manger to explore and articulate an effective process.

7.Differentiate between merges and affiliations. (Ensure that you cite at minimum one (1) reason for each measure.) Discuss the issues surrounding strategic alliances, mergers and affiliations.

8.Demonstrate why there is a need for evidence-based management in health service organizations.

List three steps that management can take to promote evidence-based management.

Discuss the challenges that may play a role for health care professionals.

APA formatting, Title and Reference page, Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font, 1-inch margins, Page numbers in top right corner, APA Citations, Include information, as well as in-text citations and an entry on the References page, from a minimum of four scholarly and professional sources