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Assignment: Explain the problem and the reason(s) a database is needed

Explain the problem and the reason(s) a database is needed. Provide a conceptual data model for the planned database. Name all the entities planned for the database and justify their selection.In an appendix, provide an E-R diagram that shows each entity, names the identifier for each entity, and illustrates the relationships between each entity, noting the cardinality. In the paper, write a narrative explanation of key parts of the E-R diagram, including how you arrived at some of the decisions on relationships and cardinality. Include three questions planned for this database.Provide a recap of the paper and discuss insights on databases developed as a result of working on this assignment. The paper must have 3 scholarly sources and please follow the grading rubric. The healthcare problem is frequent E-R visits The questions the database should answer are:

1. How many visits has the patient had over a certain period of time

2. Did the visit result in an admission

3. How long was the patient visit.

Assignment: Create an Infographic on the topic of Advanced Practice Nursing