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Evaluation of Plan assignment

Develop a 4-6 page plan that will allow you to evaluate your intervention.

Reminder: These instructions are an outline. Your heading for this this section should be Evaluation of Plan and  not Part 1: Evaluation of Plan.

Part 1: Evaluation of Plan

  • Define the outcomes that are the goal of an intervention plan.
  • Create an evaluation plan to determine the impact of an intervention for a health promotion, quality improvement, prevention, education, or management need.

Part 2: Discussion


  • Analyze the nurse’s role in leading change and driving improvements in the quality and experience of care.
  • Explain how the intervention plan affects nursing and interprofessional collaboration, and how the health care field gains from the plan.

Future Steps

  • Explain how the current project could be improved upon to create a bigger impact in the target population as well as to take advantage of emerging technology and care models to improve outcomes and safety.

Reflection on Leading Change and Improvement

  • Reflect on how the project has impacted your ability to lead change in personal practice and future leadership positions.
  • Reflect on the ways in which the completed intervention, implementation, and evaluation plans can be transferred into your personal practice to drive quality improvement in other contexts.

Number of resources: 3–6 resources. (You may use resources previously cited in your literature review to contribute to this number.

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