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Assignment: Ethical Nursing Informatics Practice

Your introduction paragraph should be 4–6 sentences long and will include the main focus of your assignment. Remember, the main focus or main idea of the entire assignment is normally the last sentence in the introduction

Part I

Ethical Model Criteria

Be sure to discuss all the steps in the Ethical Model for Decision Making. Literature search and our textbook are great resources.

  • The Ethical Model’s Impact on Nursing Decision Making
  • How does the Ethical Model guide the nurse in decision-making strategies related to patient care?
  • Why Nursing Fails to Follow Ethical Practice of PHI Protection Be sure to provide examples and scenarios where nurses fail to follow ethical practice standards.

Part II

How One’s Own Moral Values Have Impact on Protection of PHI Cognitively reflect on how our own personal beliefs and values align with PHI protection and patient safety?

  • How does our personal belief align with the Nursing Code of Ethics?
  • The Goals of Ethical Decision Making What are the goals of ethical decision making?
  • My Personal Ethical Practice Aligning with the Ethical Model for Decision Making
  • How does your personal ethical practice assessment align with the Ethical Model for Decision Making?
  • How does literature support your own personal ethical practice?
  • What Would You Add to the Ethical Model of Decision Making?
  • How would you build upon the current Ethical Model of Decision Making?
  • How does literature support your ideas?


Remember to wrap-up the assignment for the reader. The conclusion should not introduce any new material; you are simply summarizing main points that were addressed, without introducing new content.


Remember to keep your references current (within 5 years per APA guidelines)

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