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Epidemiology of behaviours/risk factors case study

Epidemiology assessment


For this assessment, you are required to investigate the epidemiology of one of the following behaviours/risk factors and provide implications for policy, practice and future research.

·  Eating high fat diet

Submission:  Your final submission will be a case study report:

· The case study must include the following components:

o What is the behaviour/risk factor you are addressing and why

o The epidemiology of the chosen behaviour/risk factor from global, regional  national and local perspectives (where applicable)

o A commentary on the scale of the burden

o Discussions to include wider implications for policy, practice and future  research

o Key recommendations

· Use of your own analysis of the existing (published/publicly available) epidemiological data to inform your discussion is required.

o This data could be sourced from, for example, tables in published research articles or reports. You can also use secondary datasets (e.g. Demographic Health Survey) if you wish to but note that use of secondary dataset to support your case study is optional.

o Please follow best practice guidelines on plagiarism while using such data.  While writing up the case study report, please give particular attention to:  The context in which you are discussing the chosen behaviour/risk factor  Your approach to case study, in particular:

o The methods of your own analysis of existing epidemiological data, e.g. what epidemiological measures (e.g. prevalence, incidence, odds and risk ratios, attributable risk, etc.) you have chosen to discuss your case and why

o Your ‘pathway’ from analysis to recommendation – you may want to demonstrate, for example, how rising incidence of lung cancer in your context leads to the need for more effective tobacco control.

What could be concluded based on your own analysis, their implications for policy, practice and future research

List of references to be included in the case study (max number of references allowed=25)  Word length: 1500

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