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Discuss these aspects of Accreditation based on your research and/or personal experience

Please answer/cover the questions in the essay.

1. Many health care facilities seek “Accreditation” by an outside organization. Discuss these aspects of Accreditation based on your research and/or personal experience. The Joint Commission is one organization that offers Accreditation: Discuss for whom (what types of facilities) the JC is offered and why achieving JC Accreditation might be important What is “deemed status,” and why is this important? What is the nurse’s role in the Accreditation process, whether it is JC or another accrediting organization?

2. Many nurses seek specialty certification as they progress through their careers. See this list for examples:


Select one specialty where you might seek certification, or have achieved certification. If you are not interested in seeking certification, discuss why certification would not apply to you given that other nurses who are certified might have a competitive advantage in the workplace. You might look into other certifications as well, such as case management:

Discuss what is involved in sitting for a Certification credentialing examination. Would you advocate for employers paying for their nurse employees to become Certified? What would be the advantages and liabilities for employers if they were to help their employees to become Certified? If you believe becoming certified is a personal responsibility of a licensed nurse, state your reasons for this point of view. Let’s say you were to become Certified in a specialty area. How would you “present” that credential on a resume to show why this is valuable when seeking a job. Keep in mind that the person receiving your resume – at first – could be the Human Resources Officer, a non-medical person.

Identifying and describing how these agencies and leadership are addressing health disparities