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Discuss the ecosystem and the degree of biodiversity

Choose an aquatic or terrestrial ecosystem that is in your region or of particular interest. Write a 750-1050 word paper about the ecosystem and two species (one plant species and one animal species) that inhabit the ecosystem.


Discuss the ecosystem and the degree of biodiversity that is present. Identify and discuss any interrelated ecosystems in close proximity that directly impact your topic ecosystem. Provide a brief description of two species (one plant and one animal) that inhabit your ecosystem. One of these species must be classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List, or by a government wildlife of natural resource agency. Discuss each of these species in relation to their instrumental and uniqueness value. Explain how this species became endangered, and discuss efforts currently underway to help protect and/or preserve this species. Conclusion The paper should be in APA format with an APA title and reference page. Four separate instances of cited material are required in the paper with corresponding references. There must be one instance in which material from our course textbook is cited and referenced.