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Discuss knowledge of the biopsychosocial assessment

To discuss knowledge of the biopsychosocial assessment Tasks: Read the scenario provided below and will provide answer to the questions listed when composing their answers to the questions. Be sure to use APA style and to respond to two other peers. A 32 year old female who presented to the hospital seeking a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. She reported a 15 year history of mental health treatment during which she had seen multiple different mental health providers and had been on “all kinds of medications” without benefit. She reported sudden mood changes, conflicts with people, alcohol binging episodes to “numb the feelings of emptiness”. She had been in multiple relationships over the years; some of them abusive. She also reported a history of cutting and burning herself, “to feel alive”. Questions to answer: (1) How do you think the biopsychosocial model can be used to help you gather information that will aid in your treatment of this client? (2) What is any other information will you need to engage in treatment of this client? (3) What other considerations do you need to make for your work with this client?

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