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Developmental Psychology assignment

Developmental Psychology

Assignment Due Friday by 12pm

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The purpose of this assignment is to explore, through personal interaction, the developmental influences on children. Your assignment will include three key components to be incorporated into a full report.


Select and watch at least 4 children’s television programs using the following criteria: At least one cartoon designed for young children (e.g. Paw Patrol, Caillou etc.). At least one educational program designed for children (e.g. Sesame Street, or a child oriented science show). One program designed for adults that children could watch during the early evening (5:00-8:00 PM). All programs must be at least 15 minutes long. Be sure to cite all programs in APA format (Links to an external site.).

Record For each program, record:

The number of violent acts (physical force towards self or others, or manipulation by the threat of force). The number of references to unhealthy activities, such as eating unhealthy food, or risky behaviours. Note any other imagery or references that you find troubling or concerning for child viewers. Create a table of your results for tasks 1 and 2.

  • Discuss Respond to the following questions, referring to your collected data.
  • What variation in the number and kind of aggression (e.g. physical, relational, manipulative, etc.) did you observe?
  • What were the observed consequences to aggressive acts in the program?
  • How do you think children would respond to these depictions of aggression? Given this information, what rules would you impose for your own children regarding the viewing of television or other media? Describe your rationale.

Assignment Format Section 1 –


  • Review the general topic of media and its influence on child behaviour.
  • Describe in broad terms how you will explore this issue in the current report.
  • Your introduction should include a thesis statement clearly indicating the purpose of the paper.

Section 2 – Hypothesis

What differences do you expect to observe in aggression and in unhealthy behaviours? Do you expect only a difference in the number of acts, or in the kind of acts as well?

Section 3 – General Procedure In full sentences, describe the following information: The specific media that you watched. Assume that the reader is not familiar with the program, but include only as much detail on the specific episode as is required to understand your analysis. Your recording procedure and any decisions you made in your criteria.

Section 4 – Observations Report your results and insert tables depicting your data. Summarize your data in a way that most clearly presents it to the reader.

Section 5 – Discussion Considering your results, respond to the discussion questions above. Include discussion of any outside research supporting your position in this section.

Format Your assignment should include an APA title page (Links to an external site.) and an APA reference page (Links to an external site.). Please cite your textbook, as well as any additional sources you used in your report.

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