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Describe in detail the nursing theory and all components of the theory

You will select a nursing theory (Benner’s From Novice to Expert).

  • Describe in detail the theory and all components of the theory.
  • Summarize the development of the particular theory.
  • Analyze the theory related to a phenomenon of interest (Teaching new nurses to recognize and manage Dementia in geriatric patients).
  • Describe how a Christian worldview can be applied to the selected nursing theory and phenomenon of interest.

The paper must be at least 7 pages.  A title page and reference page must be included but will not count toward the total page count. Your papers must include sufficient background information on the topic, supported by sound logic and 8 peer-reviewed references published within the last 5 years. Course textbooks and the Bible may be used but do not count toward the minimum required number of references.  The paper must follow the current APA format, including the use of leveled headings.