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Coordination of care for clients with musculoskeletal disorders

Purpose of Assignment

1.    Assist students with coordination of care for clients with musculoskeletal disorders.

2.    Enhance understanding of the nursing process in coordinating care for a client.

Course Competency

·       Explain components of multidimensional nursing care for clients with musculoskeletal disorders.

·       Select appropriate nursing interventions when providing multidimensional care to clients experiencing alterations in mobility


After reviewing the medical conditions presented in the textbook, including osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, disorders of the feet, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel disorder, rotator cuff injury, or other musculoskeletal disorders, develop a care map using the template directly after these instructions. For this assignment, include the following: common assessment findings, a nursing diagnosis, outcomes, and nursing interventions with rationale for a client with a musculoskeletal disorder. Use at least two scholarly sources to support your care map. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a reference page using APA format.

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