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Clinical practices of high school nursing students

Build a presentation using PowerPoints and create a twelve-step project charter to redesign the workflow. Area for Improvement / Opportunity: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the clinical practices of high school nursing students at Ana G. Mendez University in Orlando, Florida, have been suspended until further notice. Project to improve quality: Introduction of the virtual patient modality (vSIMs simulation and high fidelity simulation) to the nursing curriculum. Through preconstructed clinical scenarios, develop clinical reasoning, decision making, and communication for nursing students. The presentation should answer the following questions:

1.     What practical problem will be solved?

2.     What is the project’s main purpose?

3.     What metrics will be improved? What is the current performance for those metrics, and how much improvement is targeted? Provide specifics on how metrics are computed.

4.     Which process will steps be considered in this project? What is the first step, and what is the last step?

5.     What other scopes of considerations might exist? Are there constraints on the areas of focus? Are you including or excluding specific populations?

6.     Justification for this project: Why is it important? Why is it critical to business success? 7.     How will internal or external customers benefit from this project? How does improvement in the metrics that you have selected help them improve their performance?

8.     Provide specifics about the project, including names and roles of team members, and project timelines, including start and stop dates targeted.

9.     Who will approve the project charter? This usually involves an executive champion who may cover any costs of the project, including the cost of time spent by the staff to accomplish the work.

10.  What is the current-state workflow map, or the “as is” process?

11.  What is the future-state workflow map, or how does your team intend to redesign and improve the process? Use the appropriate Yourdon symbols and conventions to demonstrate the workflow design in constructing the PowerPoint® presentation.

1.     Include these steps to create the workflow redesign:

a.     identify the process to be mapped;

b.     identify and involve individuals who perform the tasks;

c.     map the current state; assess current state workflow;

d.     identify opportunities for improvement;

e.     identify data to measure redesign outcomes;

f.      map future “to be” process; test new workflows and processes;

g.     train on new workflows and processes;

h.     go live with the new workflows and processes;

i.      and analyze data and refine workflows and processes

The PowerPoints® should include a title page, the twelve-step project charter, and then the workflow redesign for the project to improve, then a reference page. The presentation has to include the use of Multimedia, Graphics, Diagrams, and Illustrations. The presentation has to include detailed speaker notes on all content slides. Support the ideas with at least four (4) scholarly citations (2017 to 2020) Use strict APA 7 guidelines to format the presentation. The work should be written in an active voice, not using a passive voice in sentences.