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Clinical nursing practice

Paper Insructions: Clinical nursing practice evolves over time in response to scientific inquiry into the nature of specific problems and issues. Research studies can be either qualitative (observable, such as opinions, reported experiences, and trends) or quantitative (organized numerically, such as by percentages and other statistics). Nursing policies, protocols, and procedures should not remain static, but instead should be adapted and improved, based upon research findings. Our clinical practice should be evidence-based in order to adhere to best current standards and to promote the best patient outcomes.

Choose a past or current clinical problem/issue seen in your workplace or student clinical site. Analyze it, then discuss resolution of this issue using evidence-based practice guidelines and recommendations from literature. Give a general overview of the value of utilizing research findings by way of an introduction.

Describe the clinical issue, giving your opinion as to why this is an issue at this clinical site. Include a brief overview of research about the issue; choose studies that are specific to your topic. For example, if the problem is lack of reaching the goal of a set percent of patients who quit smoking at a smoking cessation clinic, research might include the topics of effects of smoking on body function and the addictive personality.

Give strategies for the solving of the clinical issue. Be specific in your choice of research articles; for example, if best teaching practices are initiated in the above clinic, research might include the topics of patient compliance and best adult learner teaching techniques. As part of the strategy discussion, include which nursing role would be enacted and the reasons why this role is appropriate.

Choose from among the roles listed in our course objectives: provider of care, designer/manager/coordinator of care, and member of a profession (see “Essentials” for a description of each). How does an increase in the percentage of nurses with a BSN impact professional nursing roles?

Considering that change must take place in order for your clinical issue to be solved, discuss barriers to the acceptance of new information and protocols; why might some of the key players be resistant to change?

Consider your solution in the context of culture and its influence on nursing care.

a. What are some cultural barriers that might need to be overcome?

b. How might your solution be part of the minimizing of disparities in access to health care?

c. What advantages would be provided by a more multicultural workforce?

The body of the paper must be at least 8 pages in length (not including the title page and reference page). Include at least 4 research articles from scholarly journals.