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Assignment: Briefly summarize the key components to healthy weight loss

After you peruse this week’s resources, you should have a good idea of what a healthy, comprehensive plan for weight loss should look like. Use this knowledge to answer the first question below, then consult some reliable, external resources to answer questions #2 and #3.

1. Based on this week’s readings, briefly summarize the key components to healthy weight loss. Please complete this question BEFORE you answer the next two questions.

2. Next, describe a diet (any fad diet or diet program you have heard of, know a friend on, seen a commercial for, etc.). You can use any source for your diet as long as it is published somewhere. Some of these diets are not very scientific but that leads into the next question.

3. Finally, does your answer to #1 influence how you think about the diet. Be sure to support your post with at least two scholarly resources on why you think this diet will work, won’t work, or what the drawbacks are.

Assignment: Allied health professionals and Advanced Practice Providers