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Benefit from rehabilitation services

For this assignment, you will pick a movie from the options listed below that depict individuals who could benefit from rehabilitation services. After watching the movie, answer the prompts listed below in paper format: Give a description of the individual’s life and circumstance (what got them to this point, what values/beliefs do they hold, support systems, lifestyle, demographics, etc) Why do you think they could benefit from rehabilitation services? How would you approach/address this individual in a rehabilitation setting? (treatment approach, what do they need in order to change or succeed?, etc) Discuss important aspects of rehabilitation setting (therapeutic relationship, ethics, individual vs group,etc) Reflect on how you would feel working with this client and this population   This paper should reflect the amount of work that you would engage in during internship/practicum hours. Each prompt should be answered in at least a page length (so you should have at least 5 pages of content total). Please make sure you are formatting your papers in APA format, 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1 inch margins.