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Analysis of the Public Health Issue

1)  Please be sure to turn on speaker notes in your presentation.  You will not be able to have all the information necessary for full credit present on the slides themselves.  I just want to see bullet points on the slides, not full paragraphs.  Complete paragraphs are one of the quickest ways to lose your audience as they don’t want to read word for word what you are discussing as you present.  Rather, they want to know what the key points are and then listen to you discuss those points.  Keep in mind you will not need to do a presentation of your slide deck, but it’s good to get into this practice.

2)  Please be sure to review the rubric for the final assignment and make sure you’ve covered each topic.  I would strongly recommend creating at least one slide per rubric topic to make sure you’ve covered everything in sufficient detail.  If you review the rubric you will see that will mean a minimum of 13 slides.  Also, having the topic included as the title of the slide will not only help you to make sure you cover all topics, but it will also help your audience follow along with your presentation and identify the topic being discussed on a given slide. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I.                 Analysis of the Health Issue: Describe for your audience the nature of your chosen public health issue, so that they will be able to understand and appreciate your presentation. Specifically, be sure that you address the following:

A Outline the underlying economic principles and indicators at play , using specific examples . To what extent do those principles and indicators apply in understanding your chosen public health issue?

B. Demonstrate the economic impacts of your public health issue. Provide specific examples of each impact.

C. Analyze the larger context within which your chosen public health issue exists. To what extent is the issue a product of larger socioeconomic factors?

D. Examine the major health care organizations impacted by the public health issue. How are they currently acting and reacting to the issue?

II.                Evaluation of Policy:

A. Discuss the current economic and legal and scape related to your public health issue. To what extent do existing policies ( or the lack there of ) have positive or negative impacts to the American healthcare system?

B. Explain your proposed policy using evidence and examples to illustrate:

1. What are the specific operational strategies that you believe are necessary for addressing your chosen issue and why?

2. What role do the major health care organizations play in your proposed policy? To what extent can their position in the marketplace be harnessed?

C. Defend your proposed policy for addressing the public health issue with specific research and evidence:

1.      How will your proposed public policy improve the American health care system in terms of health care quality, costs, and accessibility?

2.      In what ways is your proposed policy informed by the larger socioeconomic factors that can in fluence public health?

III.              Implementation:

A. Identify potential socioeconomic barriers to policy change and describe each with specific details.

B. Identify possible socioeconomic supports for policy change and describe each with specific details.

C. Illustrate the value proposition for the major health care organizations you referenced earlier. To what extent will there be beneficial outcomes for their organizations if your policy is enacted? How would you mobilize them to support change?

D. End your presentation with a final persuasive call to action tailored to your target audiences.

Your presentation should be a polished artifact using slides and speaker notes that are supportive of a 5-to 10-minute talk. Any citations should be in APA format.

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