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Alzheimer’s disease and memory

Alzheimer’s disease and memory – Which types of memory—such as episodic, procedural, etc.—are most affected by this disease? What is the progression? What are current recommendations for how to maintain functioning prior to and after diagnosis? Instructions: Research your topic. Find websites, articles, and/or books on your topic. Your research must include at least two articles or books. That is, websites can be very helpful and informative, but your final paper must include full articles (whether from the Internet or elsewhere) or books on the topic. Sources should be reputable and consistent with what you learned in the module as well as other sources. GoogleScholar and PDF articles from the Internet can be helpful resources.


I. Introduction.

Introduce your topic and explain why this topic was of interest to you.

II. Body of paper.

Fully address your topic and all the components of it. Support your points with your cited research. The topic should be explained in full. This section should be at least three pages long.

III. Application.

Discuss your topic’s application component. Be sure to mention what applications are recommended by others and what you recommend. You must include your own views about what the application should be, and clearly state them and why. This section should be at least one to two pages

IV. Conclusion.

Conclude your topic with a wrap-up paragraph. Some suggestions for a good conclusion:

a) end by summarizing what was learned about this topic;

b) end by emphasizing a particular application of the information;

c) end by suggesting where future research and discussion should go on this topic.