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Agreements and disagreements about hominin migration

Please follow these instructions carefully. (1) Your presentation

• You are required to provide, via Moodle, a PowerPoint file of a presentation of one of the topics given below.

• If you are working alone your file should be made up of no more than 10 slides and no fewer than 7 slides. (This would be equivalent to a 15-minute talk.) (2) The slides in your PowerPoint file

• Each slide should represent your topic as if you were presenting it orally.

• The Notes section below each slide should summarise the points you wish to make for that slide in note form. (3) The content of your presentation You should aim to deal with a fair proportion of the issues listed below, and these will be a basis for marking the work.

• The main issues and events as presented in the standard account of the subject

• The main supporting evidence for this standard account (including research methods and their limitations)

• Direct reference to data from at least 3 research papers

• The temporal and geographical context of evidence, i.e. when and where

• Pertinent evidence from non-hominin species

• Significance of the topic for present-day human behaviour and sociality

In summary, you should present a scientific account of your topic that is based directly on research and associated research methods – not the type of unsupported commentary that is available from the Internet. (4) The form of your presentation Pay detailed attention to the design, formatting and textual aspects of your slides. Your Turnitin similarity score for this work should be 10% or less.


  • Agreements and disagreements about hominin migration
  • A review of one of the projects of the Evolution Institute and its background science
  • Brain volume and hominin evolution – biological mechanisms
  • Colour vision – evolution and diversity
  • Cooking and its evolutionary significance
  • Cooperation Early agriculture
  • Evolution of part of the human body

Evidence-based projects related to nursing practice and profession