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Acid Base Case Study

Henry was admitted to the emergency room with the following symptoms headache, nauseous, confused and extreme sleepiness. Labs were drawn and the following results were returned:

  • Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) pH: 7.25
  • Pco2: 33 HCO3-: 15 mEq/L

Answer the following questions, including detail and appropriate explanations:

o What is an ABG? Why or when is it usually performed? What are the normal values for the labs listed above?

Describe the 3 systems in the body that work together to regulate pH. What type of acid/base imbalance is present in Henry? Is Henry’s body compensating? If so is it partially or fully compensated? Explain your reasoning. Explain how the compensatory mechanism is going to affect this imbalance. Relate your answer to the following equation:  CO2 + H20 ↔ H2CO3 ↔ HCO3- + H+ What organ system is responsible for compensating in this case? What changes will be observable when the organ system compensates?  Explain 3 common causes of this type of acid/base imbalance.