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150 Best Argumentative Essay Topics for your research paper

Knowing how to write an argumentative essay is important since it can help you develop your language and writing style while encouraging critical thought, which is useful to your academic and professional lives.

This article has provided a list of argumentative essay topics, a description of what an argumentative essay is, and how to choose a topic to assist you in writing a powerful essay.

What is an argumentative essay?

A persuasive essay is a formal essay in which you attempt to persuade the reader to agree with your point. The complexity of argumentative essays spans from simple comparisons such as “Red is superior to blue” to more sophisticated ones such as “The argument for socialism over capitalism.” Argumentative essays involve investigation and supporting evidence to substantiate the thesis regardless of their topic.

Typically, the structure of an argumentative essay consists of three primary elements:

  • a paragraph that presents the topic and thesis statement
  • containing paragraphs with proof, logic, and original data
  • The concluding clause restates the argument and supporting evidence

Depending on the student’s level, often high school or college, the length and difficulty of the essay will vary. Advanced high school and college students must conduct in-depth research, construct comprehensive arguments, and compose longer arguments with more complex conclusions.

How do you write a convincing argumentative essay?

The three main components of a great argumentative essay are a solid argument, a clear premise, and extensive research.

Persuasive argument

Start with a strong thesis if you want to compose an essay that persuades the reader. Choose a topic you feel strongly about, then build a case using arguments and evidence. If you wish to persuade your reader, keep in mind that your argument must be well-thought-out and supported by research. It must contain a primary argument and several supporting arguments.

Argumentative Essay Thesis

Your formal and clear point, or thesis, is inextricably linked to the strength of your argument. Your extensive position defense is condensed into the thesis. Your thesis statement must be well-supported, research-based, and persuasive. This one-sentence thesis must be supported by all of the essay’s facts, data, and hypothesis.

Content Research

A persuasive essay must be supported by extensive research, which must be mentioned throughout. Before writing your thesis, use your argument to find supporting evidence in academic journals, studies, and newspapers.

Consider selecting a different topic for your argumentative essay if you cannot uncover sufficient evidence to support your topic and/or argument despite conducting an extensive investigation.

100+ argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of topics for argumentative essays organized by category.

Science argumentative essay topics

  • Should fracking be permitted in America?
  • Should doctors be able to modify unborn infants at the parents’ request genetically?

Technology argumentative essay topics

  • Should social media platforms’ data collection practices be prohibited?
  • Should organizations hire humans instead of employing autonomous machines?
  • Should cell phone use while driving be permitted?
  • Has the internet made society better?
  • Should parents restrict their children’s use of electronic devices?
  • Should everyone have free Internet access?
  • Is contemporary technology too isolating?
  • Should cyberbullying be subject to legal consequences?

Health argumentative essay topics

  • Are GMOs dangerous or beneficial?
  • Should children be immunized before attending school?
  • Would universal coverage enhance access to medical care?
  • Should physicians be allowed to promote drugs to patients?
  • Parents should limit the number of activities their children participate in
  • Are children today more depressed than in the past?
  • Does society place an excessive focus on diets?
  • Is fasting a good habit?
  • Does our culture place little importance on sleep?
  • Are child safety seats effective for protecting children in car accidents?
  • Physical or mental health: which is more important?
  • Should all United States citizens be compelled to be vaccinated?

Government argumentative essay topics

  • Should the federal government address global warming?
  • Would the United States function more efficiently if the electoral college were eliminated?
  • Should American voter registration be automated?
  • Should all states have the option to vote by mail automatically?
  • Should incarcerated individuals be permitted to vote?
  • Should citizens elect Supreme Court justices?
  • Should unpaid internships be banned?
  • Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?
  • Should the government provide everyone with a basic income?
  • Should corporations be taxed at a higher rate?
  • Should the government regulate our food?
  • Should members of Congress face term limits?
  • Should the United States establish an official language?
  • Should the legal drinking age in America be lowered to 18?
  • Should private ownership of firearms be banned?
  • Should the government be held accountable for the current rate of obesity in the United States?
  • Should military service be mandatory for Americans?
  • Should smoking be prohibited in public places?
  • Should alcohol be banned between midnight and noon?
  • Should the voting age in the United States be raised to 21?
  • Should the government be able to limit what individuals post online?
  • Existing regulations regarding political fundraising: effective?
  • Is the United States immigration strategy successful?
  • Should there be more than two main political parties in the United States?
  • Is the United States Constitution outdated?

Education argumentative essay topics

  • Should college and university student athletes be compensated?
  • Should religious clubs and organizations created by students be permitted in public schools?
  • Should public schools teach the Pledge of Allegiance?
  • Should schools require students to wear school uniforms?
  • Should physical education classes have grading?
  • Should colleges and universities be free, like elementary, middle, and high schools?
  • Should college students not be permitted to participate in Greek life?
  • Should students be required to attend art classes?
  • Should online art, including music, be freely accessible?
  • Should students who cheat on examinations suffer repercussions?
  • Should schools limit students’ use of computers and other technologies?
  • Is co-education superior to education for only one sex?
  • Should schools be open throughout the year?
  • Should school homework be banned?
  • Should all pupils receive a free breakfast and lunch at school?
  • Is the private school market overly competitive?
  • Should educators be held accountable for pupils’ inadequate test performance?
  • Should high school pupils be permitted to choose their courses?
  • Should instruction in a foreign language be required for students?
  • Should instructors assign grades?
  • Are standardized tests effective?
  • Do adolescents who participate in athletics have academic decline?
  • Should students be authorized to use computers for research during exams?
  • Should recent high school graduates take a gap year before entering the workforce or college?
  • Should classes start beyond 9 a.m.?
  • Is online education advantageous?
  • Should middle and high school students be required to hold part-time jobs?
  • Should teachers receive a higher salary?
  • Should parents be held responsible for their children’s school absences?
  • Should college attendance be mandatory for all children?
  • Should students be permitted to provide teachers with grades?
  • Should physical discipline be allowed in schools?
  • Are armed guards at schools a safety measure?
  • Should school libraries restrict students’ access to specific books?

Environmental argumentative essay topics

  • Do electric vehicles lower overall emissions?
  • Is climate change responsible for the purported increase in natural disasters?

Economic argumentative essay topics

  • Should employers be required to offer paid parental leave?
  • Should every employer offer paternity leave?
  • Is the current American tax system equitable?
  • Should the salaries of famous athletes and actresses be capped?
  • Are CEO salaries excessive?
  • Should most firms implement a four-day workweek?
  • Exists a problem with economic inequality in the United States?
  • Are employees more productive at home?
  • Should women be allowed to play professionally on men-dominated teams?
  • Are designated hitters positive or negative for baseball?
  • Should dancing be an Olympic sport?
  • Should steroid-using athletes ever again be allowed to compete?
  • Should children under 18 be prevented from playing tackle football?
  • Does wearing a helmet in contact sports such as football and hockey enhance the chance of injury?
  • Should professional athletes and coaches be compensated similarly?

Morality argumentative essay topics

  • Should social media platforms restrict and regulate user-generated content?
  • Are humans and our actions responsible for climate change?
  • Capital punishment should be prohibited
  • Should torture ever be permitted?
  • Should influencers be allowed to advertise products?
  • Teenage curfews: Are they effective?
  • Is animal testing moral?
  • Should it be forbidden to smoke cigarettes?
  • Should surveillance of the public be prohibited?
  • Should individuals who do not recycle be penalized?
  • Do we indulge our children too much?
  • Should marketing to children be prohibited?
  • Should society hold celebrities to a high moral standard?
  • Nasty video games should be banned
  • Do folks who play violent video games exhibit more aggressive behavior?
  • Are beauty pageant contestants at risk?
  • Should substance abuse be permitted?
  • Is affirmative action effective?
  • Is cloning immoral?
  • Have social demonstrations any effect?
  • Should a person’s ability to procreate be subject to any restrictions?
  • Should the wearing of fur be prohibited?
  • Should licenses of inebriated motorists be canceled permanently?
  • Is graffiti regarded as a form of art or vandalism?

Religion argumentative essay topics

Should religious groups and institutions be taxed similarly to businesses?

Should students be required to take a course in religious studies?

Should all clergy be permitted to marry and have children?

Good argumentative essay topics are required to write the best research papers. We have provided 100+ argumentative essay topics from which you can select some for your research. The article has also described the format, definition, and requirements for writing an argumentative essay.

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